for algernon

    We are happy to announce that we are back and busy at work on our new record. Jason is recovered from his automobile accident last July and is excited to get back to work and out playing again. Thank you all for your well wishes and support.
While you are waiting for the new record here are some things you may enjoy:
Michael hosts an Open Mic on Mondays at The Southgate House Revival.
Jon formed a band and started playing out under the name Hungry Locals.
He can also be heard under Tessitura.
Eric is back from his journey across the world discovering new mushroom species.
Dustin is playing in an Elvis tribute band.
Jason, while cooped up began recording material for a project called M. Moncrieff.
Adam got a new dog.
Tim left the band.
and Todd has been busy attending every amazing concert in the area and rubbing it in our faces. Eff you, Todd.
So you see we have all been productive.
See you all soon. One form or another. We promise.
oh yeah, vote for us to play bunbury festival in July with The National, Belle & Sebastian and a ton of other amazing bands . Please! We need your help.
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Our latest release, starling redux e.p. includes "alice" from the new, forthcoming record, updated versions of our favorite songs to play and an outtake from the "oh, my starling" sessions. Purchase your copy at our bandcamp page.